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INTD 120X: Science and The Society (of Jesus)
[A First Year Seminar]

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University Links
There quite a few University web pages that you may find helpful in getting a good start at the University.
Jack Beidler (Mon Sep 12 16:00:07 2005)

R e f e r e n c e s

College Board Carrer Page
Major & Career Profiles
Jack Beidler (Tue Dec 20 08:46:34 2005)

College Board Major and Career Central
If you\'re thinking about college, it\'s also time to start thinking about college majors and careers. Here\'s the place to explore all the possibilities.
Jack Beidler (Tue Dec 20 08:54:42 2005)

College Boards: Majors that fit
We selected a baker\'s dozen of personal qualities that will serve you well in college. Then we matched them up with a few majors in which they\'re especially important.
Jack Beidler (Tue Dec 20 08:55:38 2005)

Dr. Mom\'s Guide to College
When my daughter started her senior year in high school I found myself looking at my college students in a whole new light -- and spending a lot of time trying to tell her how to succeed where some of them were, if not failing, then at least making their lives (and mine) more difficult than necessary
Jack Beidler (Mon Sep 12 15:55:26 2005)

Learning Styles (and other) quizes
What kind of learner are you? Different people learn in different ways. One method of describing how people learn uses four axes.
Jack Beidler (Wed Sep 14 13:52:54 2005)

The Royal Way
Surviving ang Thriving In Your First Year.<p>
You\'re about to access The University of Scranton\'s unique online program created to assist students during their first year of college. To access the program, complete the following fields and then click Submit.

Jack Beidler (Sat Sep 3 08:50:10 2005)